Benefits of ISO 45001

Built along the same lines as ISO 45001 management systems that emphasise effectiveness, efficiency and continual improvement of a management system. It focuses on the fundamental requirements based on the highly successful “plan-do-check-act” method.

    ISO 45001 Benefits include:-

  • The company is in an elite category of business and internationally recognised. ISO 45001 puts your organisation on a level of excellence shared by organisations worldwide.
  • Satisfies demands of current or prospective customers for registration. A superior pool of clients that accept competent and prospective businesses.
  • Increased acceptance by regulators, the public, and interested parties. Accepted as being proactive about Health and Safety and continual improvement.
  • Improves business performance. A well designed, well implemented ISO 45001 health/safety management system reduces workplace illness and injury and increases productivity
  • Creates consistency throughout the organisation built around “best practices”.
  • rovides a platform for attracting lower insurance premiums and proves due diligence to the marketplace.
  • Allows better identification of hazards and risk.
  • Ensures compliance with all current legislation worldwide.
  • Improves the efficiency of internal operations, reduces accidents, dangers, and downtime.

Having a well-defined Energy Management System (EMS) framework will provide your organisation with a systematic approach to compliance. In some cases regulatory bodies are more flexible with companies with performance and public accountability records.