• Business Advantages Organizations having Proper CE Mark can conduct business without facing any restrictions In EEA (European Economic Area).
  • Product Reliability The product is trusted more in the market and safer products both with respect to manufacturing and customer safety is achieved.
  • Compliance to regulations Since CE Mark is the only set of regulatory process, manufacturers need not worry about too many restrictions. Applying and achieving conformity can be the one stop solution.
  • Self-Assessment Since not all CE Mark certification requires Notified Body certifications, it is also possible for a few directives to be self-declared by the manufacturer for conformity.


  • Jmdvcertification service has been supplying RoHS complied as an option to our valuable customers for last few years. Apart from standard leaded, we have Lead-FREE HASL, Immersion SILVER, Immersion GOLD and Immersion TIN finish options to cater the requirements of PCB designs that need RoHS compliance.

    Benefits Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is defined as “That part of Quality Assurance which ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use.” The principles and guidelines for GMP are stated in two Directives; Directive 2003/94/EC for medicinal products and investigational medicinal products for human use and Directive 91/412/EEC (http// veterinary medicinal products. Compliance with these principles and guidelines is mandatory within the European Economic Area. Detailed guidelines in the form of the Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice provide interpretation of the principles and guidelines and these in turn are supplemented by a series of annexes which modify or augment the detailed guidelines for certain types of product, or provide more specific guidance on a particular topic. They are developed by the GMP inspection services group and are published as Volume 4 of EudraLex by the European Commission. Good Manufacturing Practices are guidelines that provide a system of processes, procedures, and documentation to assure the product produced has the identity, strength, composition, quality, and purity that it is represented to possess.

    Benefits Halal

    The fundamental of Halal products (consumer products not confining it to meat alone) are:

  • Clean - the raw materials, the product, the process, the premises, the workers are clean. This refer to Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP.
  • Safe - the raw materials, the process, the end products, premises etc does not permits contamination or cross contamination that can jeopardize the safety of end user. This refer to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point or HACCP.
  • Pure - the raw materials, the process, the end products, premises etc does not permits contamination or cross contamination of the dirty elements in Islamic Law or Najs(Najis) either light, intermediate or heavy Najs.So in general, the Halal products is a universal products that guarantee the products itself is CLEAN (you don’t want to eat dirty things right?), SAFE (definitely we want to be safe when we use the products) and PURE (only this part is meant for Muslim). Let me touch a bit on Najs:
    • Light Najs - Urine of male baby below 2 years old and only breastfeeding.
    • Heavy Najs - Dog and Pigs and their offsprings.
    • Intermediate Najs - all the dirty things that does not fall in light or heavy category are intermediate najs like feces, urine, blood, puss, liqour etc
    so major category of Najs fall on the common dirty things that everybody would not want to consume…